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The Ultimate Club Management System 

Get your club ahead with better technology, improving club administration and increasing member engagement with ease.

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Incredible value for every member of the club

Move your club away from the spreadsheets, team management apps, and headaches - for good.

Complete visibility across your club

It's easy to underestimate the value of being able to instantly search for and access any team or group in your club. SportsBlock provides that value.

Search for a team or group, and then view the member records of individuals in that team or group. Save documents and files against a member record instead of on a Google Drive. The smarter approach to club management starts here.

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Master the art of club communication

Send an Email, SMS, or message through the SportsBlock app to any member, team, or the whole club in just a few clicks. Training cancelled? Club event this weekend? Send every message with ease.

Team level communication tools for managers and coaches on the SportsBlock app means better organisation at a team level, and no more communication apps at the club.

All the tools you need to manage your club

Training scheduling, document management, payment management, committee management - we could keep listing features, but you probably get the picture.

Beyond just features SportsBlock centralises your clubs operation to one screen. Not just one platform. One screen. Notice how all our screenshots show the same page? SportsBlock is the true game changer for sports clubs.

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The ultimate app for club members

For a long time clubs have had to compete with a long list of team management and communication apps in their clubs - these apps are usually difficult to use and covered in advertising.

SportsBlock changes this. One universal platform, combining management tools for committee members with a world class mobile app for club members. The member experience at a sports club is an important one, which is why we've put so much time into making this app an incredible tool for engagement.


SportsBlock is the first step towards organisation and good communication!

Darren Miller

President, Mt Barker United SC

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The complete system for your club

Management software for the club committee, and a member app for all players, parents, managers, and coaches

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The game changer for sports clubs

One of a kind technology for sports clubs

Your members will rave about it. Your committee will love it. Time to move away from platform and process overload. Let's shift the focus back to sport together.

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