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Connecting with members online is a must for all community clubs, and produces many benefits, given that everything is done online these days.

Exploiting the technology at your fingertips can lead to many benefits, such as improved recruitment, communication, thorough information, club and event promotion, fundraising, and overall productivity.

The majority of clubs face the same challenges when it comes to upholding an online presence, with these reasons being having limited volunteers with limited technology skills, and limited time available to get everything done.

A club website and social media pages are often the first place that members, sponsors, and families will look. It is also essential for community engagement, marketing your club to the local area and beyond, and promoting your sponsors.

Your club should aim to have multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook etc.), and a professional website. Email marketing platforms are also a good direction to go in, especially when it comes to approaching potential sponsors and fundraising for events etc.

Ensure that engaging content is being posted on your clubs social media frequently, making it appealing to potential new members. Make sure you’re sharing your club's story and make it engaging for your audience, as this will grow your following and improve your reputation in the process.

With your club's website, there are many different options on how to set it up depending on your budget. Ensure that you have your own domain as this will be a representation of your entire club and assign someone with the technological skills to manage the content that is posted.

Options such as Wix, Squarespace, and ClubZone are all excellent options for kickstarting your club's website.

Make sure your website has multiple club contacts listed and is commercialized in order to gain as much of a following as possible.

Additionally, have look at is your club's branding and image. Has it been updated in recent years and adapted to the times? A clean, high resolution, professional logo is going to be more appealing to a consumer against one that hasn’t been updated for quite some time.

Shifting committee meetings online is also gaining popularity, and TidyHQ is a great platform for shifting all of your clubs' resources online, making jobs easier for volunteers and potentially motivating more people to get involved in your club as a result.

TidyHQ helps with managing finances, collecting membership fees, and member communication, among many other traits that can help your club in the long run.

These are the key ways to improve your club's online presence and gain a bigger following which will help you in both the short and long run. Good luck to you and your club's future online success!

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