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Grants are a true gem for many sports clubs.

Let's face it - sports clubs have to be pretty clever about the way they spend money as they are (more often than not) not for profits with limited resources.

For the majority of clubs additional outside funding can make a huge difference both on and off the field, which is where the true value of grants lies.

The amount of money handed out from one grant to the next does differ, but clubs can often end up seeing a few thousand dollars or more come into the bank account - which for many sports organisations is a fantastic boost to resources.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together some information on the key ways that your club could spend money from a grant, a few great ways to obtain a grant for your sports club, and a downloadable grants resource for clubs from NSW and VIC.

Don't worry, we'll be publishing a similar resource for all the other states next week - so make sure to subscribe to get access to that resource as soon as it's available!

Believe it or not, grants often go unnoticed and some clubs don't even bother applying - likely thinking that they won't be accepted anyway.

What many clubs aren't aware of is the resources available that can help with potentially getting your grant application over the line.

Let's imagine for a moment your club secures a grant before this season kicks off. That money could go towards...

A new merchandise line, which could be promoted on social media to drive some further revenue in the door for your club - all the while getting your members kitted in awesome new merch...

Additional funding could mean new equipment for the canteen to boost those sales on match day, and at the same time you'd be keeping the sideline super parents from getting to 'hangry'...

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the assistance offered by grants.

The grants team at CLUBMAP are experts in helping local clubs write exceptional grant applications, along with the many other benefits they offer. If you feel your club could use a grant, make sure to check out CLUBMAP and all that they offer.

CLUBMAP can provide your club with an initial meeting with their Grants Team to discuss the grant application. You’ll also have access to:

  • A working document with tasks and timelines.

  • Someone to work with your club’s grants manager to ensure that all information is compiled and submitted by the due date.

Contact their friendly grants team at if you would like to schedule a call to discuss your club’s specific needs.

There’s also a lot of value in looking at organisations like the Australian Sports Foundation - not only do they fund grants and support growth in community sport, but they also allow clubs to fundraise and focus on some fantastic key areas, such as:

  • Children's sport

  • Women in sport

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Sport for all

ASF is a great organisation and should definitely sit on the radar of clubs looking to look further into grants and fundraising!

We of course have seen the need for better technology to manage these key areas, and the additions to the SportsBlock client portal mean all of our clubs have access to committee management and grant application manager tools!

This means alongside our great tools to manage members, teams, communication, registration, and more, our clubs can also manage their grants, generate documents for committee meetings, and thrive on our platform!

Check out our club management PDF here to find out more about how we’re changing the game for community sports clubs!

If your club is from NSW or Victoria we've also put together this great resource and guide for grants your club could go for - check it out here!

If you think your club would like to look at better club management technology then make sure to get in touch with our team for a 30-minute zoom call, which you can book here. We’d love to find out about your plans for the year ahead and if our platform SportsBlock can help your club to achieve all of its goals in 2023!

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