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The Complete Academy Management Platform

Simplify administration at your academy, and provide players and parents with an incredible experience on the SportsBlock app.

SportsBlock is here to take your academy to the next level.

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Manage your squads and programs with ease

SportsBlock allows you to manage all of your squads, programs, and teams in one place, whether it be for term programs, weekly sessions, or competing in tournaments.

Search for and find a squad instantly, view member records, add trainings and events, communicate with members, and take and track payments - all on the one screen. 

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Seamlessly manage payments and financials

SportsBlock provides you with phenomenal visibility across registrations and payments at your academy. Sending out payment requests can be done in just a few clicks, and members pay directly to you through the SportsBlock app.

Sort through payments by squad, send reminders, and connect SportsBlock payments to Xero through Stripe. Welcome to the future of academy management.

Communicate and connect with your members

With all of your members accessing their programs and events on the SportsBlock app, you can easily communicate with them via SMS, Email, or through the app in just a few clicks.

Training cancelled? Payment due? Upcoming tournament? Let your members know immediately, with complete ease. Let's make communication a strength for your academy.


Plans that start at just $0.50 per player per month*

*For SportsBlock affiliate academies

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