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SportsBlock streamlines and simplifies everything for competition organisers.

Super modern, highly automated, and incredibly easy competition management, with a world class app for your members.

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Competition management made so simple

We've changed the game for good

The complete suite of management tools

SportsBlock is the go-to software for all your competition management needs.


Our platform offers an easy-to-use suite of tools to help you organise your events and keep track of every detail, from scheduling to payments, communication, match cards, statistics, and more. Whether you’re running a social competition or a competitive one SportsBlock has you covered.

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Automation to make your life that much easier

SportsBlock is changing the way competition organisers manage their events.


Our powerful software automates the slow, tedious stuff, giving organisers more time to focus on what really matters. Take our venue management tools for example, which allow users to easily schedule or make changes on a calendar view, which automatically notifies members of changes via the app. 

Visibility across all teams & events, all in one place

SportsBlock provides visibility into all of your events, teams, and members, all in one place. Instead of jumping between spreadsheets, storage drives, and paper forms, our all in one system centralises everything for you.

We've taken the hard work out of competition management - instead of sending out forms, your players register themselves, and automatically list in their teams and your database. SportsBlock is about working smarter, not harder.

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An incredible experience for your members

The SportsBlock mobile app provides members with an amazing experience in your competitions - offering so much value that they'll want you to start a new season as soon as the current one ends!


The SportsBlock app provides members with access to fixtures, results, standings, communications, and payments all in one place. Easy to use, super slick, and the ultimate way to keep your members engaged online.

Features to benefit every organisation


SportsBlock have been my lifesaver in helping to set up and manage our futsal competitions at Futsal Institute - the process has been smooth and easy!

Bec Luburic

Futsal Institute 


Our flexible plans suit competition organisers of all sizes - get in touch to talk pricing today!

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