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Coaching a team can be a very stressful job. You’re striving for the best results possible, while also trying to keep everyone happy as grassroots clubs cannot afford to lose any players. Many hours of hard work need to be completed to ensure that everything is in order, from team selection to communicating with every individual member of the team making sure there are no in-team problems.

Arguably the most difficult job for a coach is planning each training session. As most teams often train twice a week, not much time is given to find the best training drills possible that will help your team for their upcoming match. Every opponent is different, and different drills are required to be best prepared for whoever your next match is against.

In saying all this, planning a training session is all good and well, but if attendance numbers are low, then something needs addressing. It can be nearly impossible to keep track of who attends training as many individuals take to the track, but it is vital to know who is putting in the effort, and a lot of work needs to be done to convince everyone to find an excuse to get to training, not an excuse to get out of it, if your team wants to be as successful as they can be.

The SportsBlock app allows everything your team needs to be in the one place. From training schedules, upcoming match days, and even a team chat where all members can keep everyone updated on any current events. The app also allows coaches and staff to monitor who has attended what training and also allows everyone to view player statistics, making the coach's job much easier, giving them the numbers that haven't been available to them for generations, which helps with things such as player positioning and team selection.

Adding on from the previous couple of blogs, the SportsBlock app has everything your team needs in one platform, so you don't need to have different apps for fixtures/results, team chats, and selection, it is all on the one app, making everybody’s lives much easier.

Coaches don't need to stress anymore about searching hours for the right apps to use for their jobs and tasks, it can all be done on SportsBlock, giving them more time to focus on building personal relationships with the players and members, along with tactical vision for the team and setting them up for success!

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