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Technology is a crucial tool, and over the past couple decades, has proven to make everybody's jobs a lot easier, whether that be in the workplace or in volunteer roles. From a local sports club's perspective, it takes many volunteers putting in countless hours of work in order for your club to operate at a satisfactory standard. Standard jobs your club's volunteers may work on include spreadsheets of finances, delegating shifts to other volunteers, and working with club members on any issues that may arise.

All of these jobs, plus everything else associated with operating a club, requires thorough communication, and given that committees can often only meet together once a month, it makes keeping everything under control very difficult.

Some club committees might have group chats, where things can be planned and discussed in order to prepare for meetings, but keeping track of every conversation in a group chat can be a very daunting task, as things can be forgotten very easily if there is a month or so between committee meetings.

Apps such as Xero have proven to be effective in helping clubs keep track of their finances at the click of a button, making the treasurer's job much easier than the spreadsheet method that has been used since the dawn of time, and clubs adopting this technology are seeing major improvements, albeit finance tracking is only 1 piece of the puzzle of maintaining a successful club.

Imagine if everything your club needed to operate was in 1 place, able to be found at any given time. The thought of your members and volunteers not having to jump between different platforms to get tasks done and stay on track seems impossible, but what if I told you that it isn't? In fact, what if I told you that there's a Sports Administration app that offers all digital solutions for Sports clubs? You may be thinking that this is all some make believe, futuristic device that I have made up in my head, but look no further, the solution for all of your clubs problems is right here!

SportsBlock allows your club to have everything it needs on the single platform, using cutting-edge technology, you can experience Club Management, Communication, Member Management, and Digital Management, with our comprehensive platform allowing your club to be more organised than ever before!

Using the SportsBlock app, you can stay engaged with fellow club members, synchronising your clubs operations, communications and management in the 1 place, keeping everything organised and easy to find for everyone.

Competition management has never been so simple! Match and training scheduling, registration, team and venue management are all centralised in one system, making the entire competition management easier than you could have ever imagined!

SportsBlock doesn't just automate the work you and your club do, it transforms it, as we take pride in clubs achieving efficiency and collaboration like never before. Our job at SportsBlock is to unite clubs and bring people together, ensuring long term success for local clubs, and keep grassroots sport across this great nation operating at the highest possible standard for generations to come!

So what are you waiting for? Change your club's fortune for the better and join SportsBlock to experience the future of competition management!

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