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Your community needs you! How to get involved at your local club!

Are you interested in participating in social sports? You may possibly want to play a sport available in the area in order to stay fit and healthy. Maybe you want to enter a coaching role, or maybe you want to help out behind the scenes as a volunteer or committee member? Well you have come to the right place. Everybody needs to start somewhere, and this blog will explain how you can get involved at your local club, in whatever capacity interests you!

In terms of playing, there are many reasons as to why people take up social sport at their local club, ranging from trying to make it at a higher level, having fun with their mates, or simply just wanting to try something new. Whatever position you’re in, you will benefit from signing up to play for your local club. Not only does it keep you active and fit, but also helps your local club stay stable, and in turn helps your community as a whole. Getting involved in a playing capacity is usually very simple as clubs often advertise in their local region looking for new players, with the steps required to start participating often on the advertisement.

If advertisement posters aren’t around, and you are unsure what sports and teams reside in your local area, you can always ask friends and see if they play for any teams or hop on the internet and search for teams in your area in sports you are interested in playing. Local clubs are always looking for new players, and it is a very simple process to get involved!

As mentioned before, playing isn’t the only capacity in which clubs are looking for people. No local club can run without volunteers putting in tireless effort behind the scenes, and if your playing days are over, wanting to meet some friendly people, or you're simply just looking for something new, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help out your community! Volunteering is a much simpler sign-up process than playing, as usually all that is required is for you to give the club your email address and phone number. Just like players, clubs are always looking for volunteers as no club can survive without them, and your help will not go unnoticed in ensuring the long-term stability of your club and giving your town a club to continuously support.

While playing and/or volunteering at a club can be fulfilling for many, every club also needs supporters. Support from the fans provides the motivation for any club to keep pushing to get to where it needs to be, and die-hard fans make sport what it is. Supporting is as easy as rocking up to the ground your club is playing at on any given match day and cheering them on.

There are many different ways that you can get yourself involved in a local club in whatever sport you’re interested in being a part of, and they will more than appreciate you taking the time out of your life to join. No matter what role you play at your club, you will be helping make a difference in both your club and your community!

Will you help make a difference in your community and join a local club (if you haven't already)?

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